Our Student Contact Officer can help you find private rental accommodation by advising you on where to look and some of the issues for students renting in Australia.



For those who want to experience Australian life at home, Homestay is the best choice. It costs a little more than renting, but you will learn so much more. The money you pay simply covers the living costs, including all meals, bills, rent and so on. Most Homestay families are very experienced with International Students. Here are some tips to make home life more comfortable:

  • When you first move in, talk to your host parents about using the bathroom, laundry and kitchen, as well as the phone. Every family is different.
  • Talk to them about arrangements if you go out in the evening, especially if you want to stay out late or overnight.
  • Make sure you keep your room clean and clean up after yourself around the house.
  • Use a phone card to call overseas
  • Try to communicate as much as you can with your host family, especially at meal times and try to get involved with weekend activities with your host family.
  • Be open-minded about different habits and customs. Talk to your hosts about these things.
Homestay Fees
Airport Pickup $150
Placement Fee $255
Accommodation fee $260 week
Share $220 week
Homestay room no food $220 week
Homestay share no food $190 week
Students living together $90 to $180 week
Applicants under 18
Accommodation fee $280 week
Share $240 week
Guardianship fee $40 week
Guardianship set up fee $170
Changing your Homestay family

Not all arrangements are perfect and it is no problem for us to change your host family if necessary, but please discuss this with our Student Contact Officer at least two weeks in advance.

Homestay fees Refund

If the student wishes to cancel the Homestay arrangement completely, 80% of the Homestay Fees paid will be refunded to the student.
If a student wishes to change their accommodation, they must inform their Homestay family two weeks in advance. Otherwise 50% of those two weeks accommodation fees must be paid and the student will only receive 80% of the Homestay Fees that have been paid for the remaining weeks.