Tips for Learning English

Listen to the radio. ABC News Radio on 630 AM is great listening practice because the same stories are repeated again and again, and even if you don’t always pay attention, it will help you to understand where one word ends and the next word begins.

Listen to podcasts on your phone. Again, repeated listening will improve your comprehension. There are lots to choose from, e.g.

Read a little every day! Find something that you enjoy and that isn’t too difficult: comics, magazines, free local newspapers etc. Join your local library or find out how to use it:

Keep a vocabulary notebook – on paper or on your phone (My Wordbook is a great app – see Downloadable English below). Even 5 minutes a day revising vocabulary will make a big difference over time.

Keep a diary and write a little every day, get a penfriend and write to them regularly, or join a student forum like

Try to speak English every day. If you don’t have enough opportunities for speaking practice, join a group like Sydney ESL Meetup at

Install apps on your phone: there are lots of good free ones that you can use to improve all your skills!

New English File Websites

Upper Intermediate

Other General English Resources

Dave’s ESL cafe
Lessons & resources
Word games, puzzles, quizzes etc.
Quizzes, podcasts etc.
Listening quizzes and exercises
Topics, links, activities
Includes test practice
Fun with grammar!
For students and teachers
Includes news stories & podcasts
Online Grammar reference
English quizzes etc
General/ business English, exams
British Council Learn English
BBC Learning English

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) resources

Study skills
Study strategies
HSC Online study skills
Uni of Victoria (Ca) site
Study skills
Victoria University site
How to Study

Downloadable English (Apple Apps)

British Council apps page
Elementary podcasts for Apple iOS and Android devices.
Australia Network App V.1.3
Free Pronunciation app for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android
MyWordBook interactive vocabulary notebook for language learners.