We guarantee you will improve your scores when you enroll 26 or more weeks and attended all sessions if not we will offer free 5 weeks with no conditions.

Apple’s IELTS/PTE Coaching Course is specially designed to target the most important skills and knowledge needed for optimum performance in the exam. *This course is for domestic students only

Apple Study Group

Apple’s IELTS/PTE Coaching Program

  • Develops the language skills and knowledge needed to successfully face the challenge of the IELTS/PTE examination
  • Helps you to gain an all-round improvement in your English proficiency
Apple’s IELTS/PTE Coaching program focuses on the key areas for success:
  • English-language skills in the IELTS/PTE test areas: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking
  • Familiarisation with the IELTS/PTE test format
  • Practice in test-taking strategies with realistic time limits
  • Confidence-building strategies
  • Academic grammar and vocabulary
Apple’s IELTS/PTE Coaching program provides:
  • Small class sizes with students from diverse backgrounds
  • TESOL qualified and experienced teachers
  • Excellent study and test practice materials


Apple Study Group’s teachers are qualified and experienced, and have detailed knowledge of the IELTS/PTE exams, the types of task you will encounter, and the most effective strategies for taking the test and preparing for it. They will discuss your individual learning needs with you and give you feedback on your progress throughout the course.

Teaching materials

Each student will have a high-quality coursebook from a leading educational publisher. Teachers will use a range of other learning and assessment texts and prepare their own materials based on current media texts and other relevant sources.

Practice tests will use authentic test materials and other commercially available texts based on the examination.

Assessment and feedback

  • Weekly skill assessment based on IELTS/PTE Examination tasks
  • Final mock examination

You will receive a progress report from your teacher halfway through the course to assist you in monitoring your learning progress. You will receive a final report and a certificate on completion of the course.

Course details

All students will be required to sit an entry test to confirm their suitability for the course and the level, and to diagnose their areas of greatest need so that teachers can help each student to devise the most effective individual study strategy.

Places on the Apple IELTS/PTE Coaching Program are subject to availability


For your convenience, we offer after hour and weekend classes next to adjoining Burwood station.

  • IELTS Tuesday & Thursday 6-9pm
  • PTE Monday & Wednesday 6-9pm

Our fees are affordable and value for money. We offer modern classromms, relaxing and inviting environment with sporting, BBQ facilities, student lounge etc.

Speak to one of our friendly councilors to make an appointment with Director of Studies.