English in ACTION

Real Life English in Sydney.

  1. Learners have the opportunity to use what they have been learning in classroom in everyday situations as well as get to know the city.
  2. In order for them to apply and practise their English, learners are given tasks to complete outside the classroom environment. This requires them to adapt to different environments and procedures and actually use what they have learnt without the teacher’s help.
  3. Some of the activities include asking learners to visit various travel agencies to gather information for specific destinations and then inform the rest of the class accordingly or asking them to go to retail shops with certain people profiles and budget to choose outfits suitable for certain occasions.
  4. Another activity is the simulation of a driving test using a particular video game where one learner is the driving instructor who gives the instructions and the other is the candidate who has to follow them in order to pass the test.
  5. A fourth activity is taking learners to a public library where they have to find information about the different sections in the library, the rules and the procedures to borrow a book.
  6. The variety is endless and depends on the language presented in class as to which activity is appropriate.